Another Temp sensor

Another Temp sensor


El Paso, TX
1985 CJ-7, 258 I6, 4 speed with OD
Ive been searching for 2 days on different threads and cant seem to find my temp sensor, in the back of the gauge theres a purple wire but i cant find any purple wire pluged in. What i think is the temp sensor on the driver side has a green wire in it. There is an unplugged purple wire on the passenger side but wasnt long enough to reach the plug to try it out so i cut it and made it longer with some 10 gauge wire but nothing seemed to register. can anyone please help me by checking out my pictures and maybe pointing out where it seems to be located. I can tell the wires have been hacked and almost everything rewire so any help would be great to have thanks!

1985 CJ7 I6

Wow. Your pictures of the 258 remind me why I love my V8 from the '70s. The 258 was always such a cluster-junk of hoses, vacuum lines and emission control. On the other hand I had a 258 on an earlier CJ I owned. It was a great engine. Lots of torque and they last for ever. I could idle over the roughest terrain.
Oops sorry.
The temp sensor.
I remember it being on the left side of the rear of the engine.

Edit: This picture is a newer model 4.0 L. but the 258 also has the sensor in the same place.
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