Any reviews on the Omix dist/cam gear installation?

Any reviews on the Omix dist/cam gear installation?


E. Tenn
1984 CJ7 258 w/T176
Has anyone purchased these gear sets for the distributor and cam? Just wanting some feedback as I am looking into buying the matched set. I have a new cam in my 304 but after close looking the cam gear/fuel pump lobe was swapped and I don't want to take a chance with a new cardone distributor and chewing up gears. I was planning on buying the new dizzy at Advance auto parts but cannot find a matching cam gear for the Cardone.

Any info will be appreciated.
Remaned Cardoned DuraSpark Distributors are not usually a problem or cause gear failuers...

Wante to test Drill the gear with 1/8" std drill bit and make a divit... Best spot is where the rotor nose is.... divit will be used if the mech advance head is fliped to use the larger advance slot.... it is a indicator of position since the gear has 13 teeth

Look down the advance head, there are 2-3 holes where you can see the advance slots that limit the mech advance movement... they are bout 1/2" wide and there are 2 slots 180deg apart. the one with the vertical finger is the one being used.. Looking for Duraspark Distributors that have 13r/18r stamped next to the advance slots.... Compter/Non Computer have the same partnumber so you need to visually look at the advance slots... If you have a 5r/8r head ask them to pull in two more dist and pick the 13r/18r one.... You will like and run much better, way better

If you need a new dist gear the best place is MSD. Measure your shaft diameter with caliper just make sure. That is the best place to get a gear if you need it... Still test the MSD gear before you use it..

JeepHammer/Junk Yard.... is the guy that has saved out buts from the hardened gears the past 7 years or so. You do not need matched gears.... use the right stuff, test it with drill and you will be fine.

Fitment issues are with the HEI/AMC combos and the dist hardened gear.... big problems still, and I would stay away or be real read.... not saying for your case but other forum folks will read this too.

but all you need to do wiht Duraspark is, test drill bit, visual ck you have the larger mech advance slots.

Take a look at a TEAMRUSH thead that did not run that we recent posted here on and I put a bunch of wire, hook up stuff might want to read that too.
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What do the OEM 1978 distributors have stamped on them?? The 5r/8r or the 13r/18r? Reason being I have a wagoneer with a 360 that only shows 47k on the speedo that I pulled the oil filter plate off of and it was not even hardly worn. I was wanting to pull the timing cover and cam/dist gears from it and use as my timing cover has some water pump wear from a bad wp bearing. If the stock is the larger holes I would just get the entire distributor and all.

thanks for the reply.
1978, 79, 80, non california 81 years in the CJ Jeeps will not have a computer.... Non computer years will have advanced controlled by the distributor alone..... so these have 13/18r.

these will run much better, control per engine needs(load & rpms) and yield much better mileage.

The Computer controled jeeps in the 1982 -86 and then the YJs will have a Limited distributor because the computer could take out time to stop knock... Used the knock sendor, O2 sensor to made changes in advance and the carb metering rods. These have the 5/8R heads and once the sensors or any part of the computer removed this will not work well....

Not suprized you found the 78 wagoneer with little wear because it has correct gears and was set correctly for fitment and no binding....

DuraSpark is a Ford ignition and has other units out there on their models.... Some of these have other mech advance slots....

The 1979 FSM I have shows the non computer advance curves....The curves are different for auto transmissions and manual transmissions esp in the amount of vac advance..... I anticipate there will be differences in the orgiinal duraspark distributors used in jeeps but will take time to make the correct correclations. I & JH have been collecting different width dimentions for the mechanical slots over the past year and so far there are several slots widths.... Recently I had to reset my advance curve with a change of axle gears and was doing a study of the advance charts in the FSM 1979 and they vary quite a bit...... esp the AMC V8 because they have more rpm range than the slow reving 258... Just to give you a bit more back ground....

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