Anyone know where I can get levi buttons for my seats?

Anyone know where I can get levi buttons for my seats?
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Im redoing my seats in my 79 CJ7 Levi Edition edition and the buttons are very rusted and some of them are missing. Does anyone know where I can find some new ones.:confused:
I would say only way is craiglist, E-bay, or JY and that will be with luck of the draw but good luck. But Susie may be onto something..
The new Levi Edition's jeans are made in Mexico or China so good luck with the button hunt.
Might try emailing them for a replacement button source.

Or go to walmart and check either sporting goods camping section, or crafts for a button replacement kit, they carry the tool also.
i have a rear seat out of a levis cj with 12 buttons on it. they are in good cond. i would like to sell the whole seat but would probably cost to much to ship from ohio to georgia. i dont know how much the buttons would cost new but maybe we could come up something. let me know what you think.

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