Anyone running Propane?

Anyone running Propane?


1977 CJ7 AMC 360 V8, TH400, QuadraTrac, 2002 Chev. Avalanche 2500-8.1 litre V8
In my quest for both sheer simplicity, as well as making improvements as I fix broken junk on my CJ 7, I am looking for anyone who has done a Propane conversion, so I can get some first hand input.

Currently, the fuel lines in my vehicle need to be replaced because the idiot who did the V8 conversion just cut a bunch of the old fuel lines and ran rubber lines under the engine to the side where the fuel pump is on the V8, and then cobbled the whole thing together (should have seen the way he mounted the engine-1 bolt in the six mount and a chain:eek:). The fuel gauge is questionable at best, and I would imagine the current tank may need replacement at some point. My CJ is purely a toy and not a daily driver at all.

My thought was that by going to a propane conversion, I could basically get rid of the old fuel tank, fuel lines, carb, fuel pump, etc, and then replace all of this with a single tank behind the rear seat, a new single high pressure hose to the engine bay, and then the couple of parts needed in the engine bay. I think this would be a real "clean" set up, and offer almost a poor mans fuel injection.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.
I bought a propane injection system from

Propane Conversion Kits

have not installed it yet but it seems to be a killer setup with everything you need but the tanks, my buddies who run it love it

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