Anyone used Corbeau seat sliders/brackets?

Anyone used Corbeau seat sliders/brackets?
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Hi, new here and this is my first post so be gentle, I've searched for two days all over and can't find anyone who can give me a real-world anectode. I have an '84 CJ7 with factory seats and brackets that I picked up a week ago.

My question: If I install either the C22027 slider or the D124T full bracket with slider, will it allow me to move my seat back any further than the factory flip bracket? I'm a big guy (6'4" and 300+) and the steering wheel is in my personal space, so to speak, and I feel crowded up on the clutch and brake pedals. Would like to move back, even if a few inches.

If the Corbeau units aren't good for this, what do you suggest? I don't have the means to fab anything for the next few months, so only a bolt-in mod will work for now.

Thanks in advance!
FYI I never could find a definitive answer on the Corbeau, so I bought the bestop bracket and slider, and I measured versus the factory slider. The Bestop one mounts the seat maybe 3/4" back further. Not a ton but significant enough when you're cramped up on the wheel like me.

Also the factory bracket was sagging out towards the door (probably from years of the PO sliding out) and replacing both got me up in the air higher and back just far enough that I can now keep my hand on the wheel when turning.

Eventually I'll make a bracket for the floor that moves the whole works a couple inches back, but for anyone wondering the fitment differences in factory sliders versus Bestop, you get just a little wiggle room out of them but not much.

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