Arggg! I hate the DL office!

Arggg! I hate the DL office!


Central FL
'72 CJ5, 401, T18, D20, D44, D30
'82 CJ8, 258, D300, AMC20, D30
Damn they piss me off!

Nuff said!

Well not really! I hate the line, the wait, the BS and the stupid forms!

I quit being a person! :)
Re: Arggg! I ahte the DL office!

Me Too! We have one of the most inept "Tag Office" in the state.
I've only lived here a couple years and already have horror stories about the gals there...
Re: Arggg! I ahte the DL office!

It's like they just want to make you go postal!

Alex - 'I can take them ALL out in ONE shot for $500 please!'
Re: Arggg! I ahte the DL office!

Yeah the GA DL office pissed me off the last time I got a license there.
I had to make 5 trips, they'd say you need this or that paper work, I'd say
do I need anything else, nope that's it. The next time they'd say oh you need
this or that, I'd say I asked if I needed anything else last time and was told no.
Well your gonna need this or that before we can help you "NEXT".
I said you can kiss my A&^$ YOU FAT F%&&* B*&%*. I wont be back to
this damn office again.
I had to make the next 2 trips to another office, GRrrr.......
Re: Arggg! I ahte the DL office!

The good thing is that my DL was a one time veterans license which was good until 2040. By then I'd be to old/dead to drive, LOL.
Oddly enough, the DMV here is pretty slick. It's well run, and the wait times are not usually bad at all. There is a pre screening line you have to go throgh first, they check you out real quick, answer questions, hand out proper paperwok, and direct you to the proper line you will need. Since everything is taken care of before hand, the lines usually move along pretty quickly. It used to be hell on earth, but so many people got fed up with being treated like dirt they finally started hammering the governors office directly. He got pissed and called out the DMV publically and told the comissioner to do his damn job, train his people, make damn sure they know who the hell they work for, and if it kept up, heads were gonna roll. The change was like a miracle, and it came almost overnight. Amazing huh?

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