Aussie locker feedback

Aussie locker feedback


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1978 CJ5, 258 w/4.0head, Mopar MPI, P.S., P.B.,Tilt wheel, No stereo, t-18, t-20, amc 20, dana-30 w/tru-trac, Warn full float w/locking hubs & Detroit locker in the AMC.
1964 CJ3B, 4-134
1952 M100 trailer
Looking for any comments on this setup the Dana 30, below is a report from 4x4 and the say "virtually invisible on pavement", I would think so cuse you should not be in 4w and your hubs I'm guessing are in free?
Any feedback good r bad appreciated

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I've now had my Aussie Locker in my front axle for about 1,000 miles now and can tell you this. As far a auto lockers go, these are by far one of the most quiet ones I've seen. Inside my Jeep, they are virtually invisible and can only really be noticed when making a hard U-turn. I will be sure to post an update once I've had a real chance to test it out on the trail.

I've finally had a chance to really test out my new Aussie Lockers on the trail in Death Valley and in Anza Borrego and all I can say is WOW!! While this locker is virtually invisible on pavement, it has made my Jeep virtually unstoppable on the trail. My Jeep pretty much walks all over obsticals that would have required some effort in the past and has made it possible for me to take on ones that i couldn't have climbed over in the past. If you are in the market for an auto locker, I would highly recommend getting an Aussie Locker!!
in the front diff,any auto locker will be transparent.
untill torque is put to the unit. it is just a open diff.
now comes the question of why does everyone want it to be transparent in the rear? Because they have a street machine first and wheeler second.
Remember street and off road are 180 degrees out of phase, what makes things good for the street make it bad for off road and vise versa.
if you want a invisible rear locker in the rear get a selectable.
if you want an auto locker, bite the bullet and get a Detroit. After all torque steering makes driving fun,:eek::eek::eek:
I have Aussie lockers front and rear in my '83. I leave the front hubs unlocked on the roads and cannot detect the locker at all on the roads.

Off road, the Jeep handles excellent with very good traction. Lockers work exactly as they should.

My rig also has a twin stick setup that I have used a couple times for front digs successfully. Also running 36" TSL's with upgraded shafts front and rear.

For me, the Aussie's were a good choice of lockers on a budget. No complaints what so ever.
Same here. I have one in the front of the CJ5 and yeah its invisible till your hubs are locked. I wouldn't recommend it if you drive in the snow a lot, which I'm thinking you wont by your location. Other than that I liked mine. I did loose a bit of turning radius though.
For me, the Aussie's were a good choice of lockers on a budget. No complaints what so ever.

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