axle swap?

axle swap?


Tonopah, NV
'87 Wrangler, '98 f-150, '79 cj-5
ok im stuck im not sure what axles would be best the axles for my '79 CJ5 . from my '87 wrangler?, dana 60s?, or dana 44s? any advice?
That would depend on a number of factors. How much money do you want to put into axles? What engine, tranny, & T-case are you planning to use? What size tires do you want to go up to? And the big question, what do you plan to use the jeep for? These should be the first questions to ask yourself. If you're not planning on hard core rock crawling with 40" tires, you probably don't need Dana 60's. Good luck with your build.:chug:
What baker said... What do you plan on doing with CJ? Putting 60's under a mostly on road CJ would be a little over the top - IMHO... :)
Pretty much what's already been asked is the big question. You can use the stock ones with the 1 piece shafts to run 33's and possibly 35's with mild off roading. This set up is close to a 44 in strength, without breaking the bank.
Most of the article written about axles in those magazines need to be cut up in squares and regulated to the bathroom next to throne where they would get use that is as good as they tech they offer, Wiping asses. OK now that said, set up the Cj with a good Dana 30 Dana 44 combo and learn to wheel and you will never have problems with them. My TJ I run the same combo and I do a lot of rock trails in it, never broke an axle yet. But then I believe in using the skinny pedal very little. Stab that thing and listen to metal snap.
The only guys who need thos D60 acles are professional rock crawlers who do it in timed events and they break them also.
Reading a magazine for advice is like asking an loan shark if you beed to borrow money. Those mags need to get you excited about buying vendors products so the vendors pay them huge bucks to be in the mags.
ok im stuck im not sure what axles would be best the axles for my '79 CJ5 . from my '87 wrangler?, dana 60s?, or dana 44s? any advice?

It all depends on what you want to do with your rig. If your planning on running 38's or larger tires & beating it on big rocks, climbing tall waterfalls or deep gumbo mud you may want to go for "60's". For 36" & down 44's are great axles & a lot lighter. I have a Wrangler on 44's & a CJ8 on 60's. I just got tired of tearing up & replacing broken parts on Dana 30 's & POS model 20's. :eek:

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