Lowell, IN
78 cj7 quadratrac straight6
i have a 78 jeep CJ7 and ive been looking on geting a 350 motar but im worried about my axles i have the quatritrac drive train witch id like to get rid of but my dad witch helps me dont think its a good idea what axles that are stronger will fit up with the crazy offset on the trans? also if you have ney out put on the 2x4 converisons on the drive train id like to hear your thoughts!

are you saying you want to make it 2 wheel drive? :confused:
no i wanna make it soo i an switch it in and out of 2 and 4 for less wear and better mileage and i also wanna put a 350 in it but i wanna beef up the axles
First of all, there are these things called spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Look them up. The way one writes speaks volumes.

Second, you are looking for a Mile Marker Quadratrac part-time conversion kit. This will let you use manual locking hubs on the front and give you 2 and 4 wheel drive. Put one piece shafts in the rear AMC20 and call it good.

If you really want to upgrade, there is no bolt in option. You can use a front and rear axle from a full size Jeep, i.e. a Wagoneer or Cherokee, pre 1980, with a Quadratrac transfer case, same as yours. You can get a front and rear Dana 44, or a front Dana 44 and rear AMC20. The FSJ AMC20 is much better than the CJ version. But these are NOT bolt in. The rear will have to have new spring perches welded on and the front has a spring spacing on 32", vs. 28" for the CJ, so the spring mounts would have to be mounted outside the frame. This is the same for any full size truck axle. FSJ axles also have a 6 on 5.5" bolt pattern as opposed to the CJ 5 on 5.5".

On another note, a Chevy 350 WILL NOT bolt up the the TH400 in your CJ. The Jeep TH400 uses an AMC bolt pattern.
cj7mudder24, is there still a 4x4 club there called the midnite mudrunners ?
Sorry I don't know anything about the quad. case, but my Dana 30 and AMC20 (with one piece axles) have held up to my 350.
no the midnight mud runners was discontinued. my dad use to be the head of it forawhile.
How long ago. I was a member back in the late 70's.
Doesn't a '78 CJ already have a Dana 44 rear?
he said that he was in it in the 80's his name is ed robinson, he had a 70 blazer called overeasy it was bright yellow.
he said that he was in it in the 80's his name is ed robinson, he had a 70 blazer called overeasy it was bright yellow.

Must have been after my time, I moved away in 1980.

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