Backing It Home

Backing It Home


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Kenefick, TX
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Well, the ole CJ embarrassed me today. After weeks of carefully trying to convince my wife that a 70+ old fart and 30+ old jeep should have no real problem navigating the back roads of Big Bend NP. Yeah, we both may have some minor hitches in the giddy up department, but we're still pretty dang reliable. So, I changed the spark plugs cause I'd noticed an occasional slight miss (sure enough, one was slightly fouled) and told the wife I was gonna take a little test drive into town for an errand. As occasionally happens, she decided she'd like to ride along. About two blocks from the house, the CJ died. Started on the first crank, and when I put it in Drive, died again. Cranked again. Idles smoothly. In Drive - instant shut down. Cranked again, and put in Reverse. Runs great. Backed it all the way home without a stutter. OK, I'm gonna try this again, but the wife opts to stay home, and insists that I take the cell phone. Well, I made it the same two blocks, and -dang it, died again, and wouldn't start. Walked home, got the truck and the wife, and we towed the CJ home. Apparently, while changing the #6 plug I had bumped the low voltage wire to the coil, and the little slide connector was loose. I have no idea why it would run in Reverse but not Drive.
Anyway, weeks of negotiation were instantly negated, and now I have to start over again. Honey, it only took about 5 minutes to find the problem and fix it.
:laugh::laugh: Jeeps and wifes gotta love them
LOL that is funny. I had the same thing (kinda). After working my carberator over, and then driving back and forth to work all week. I told the wife it was running fine. "Lets go to town and get a hamberger". Didnt make it 2 blocks and jeep started running bad and back firing. She said take me home. So I did. No hamberger for me. :confused:

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