Bad transfer case?

Bad transfer case?


Kansas City, MO
'78 CJ7
SBC 350, T-176, Dana 300
Dana 30, AMC 20, 3.54
2.5" Rancho suspension lift with 33's
I'm the proud owner of a '78 CJ7 frankenjeep.
sbc 350
Dana 30
Dana 300
Here is my latest adventure, the AMC20 is marked as having a 4.10 gear.
The Dana 30 shows a 3.54 gear tag. I know it's a replacement from the yellow paint signifying its life in a junk yard at some point.
I've got all 4 wheels off the ground, the tcase in 4x4, hubs in 4x4. If I turn the rear wheels the front driveshaft/tires don't turn.

T-case is toast? Am I missing something, I hope?
might be a silly ? but is the trans in gear.
Also I would pull the diff. covers and make sure they are the same ratio.
It's in gear. I'd already changed fluid in both differentials before I realized they might be geared different. Thought I would get all wheels off ground put it in 4x4 and see if they were turning the same before I tore them apart again to count teeth.
Not silly? I took transmission out of gear spun rear driver side and driver front spins but passenger front doesn't?
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Wow, spun rear wheel one revolution and the front wheel turned twice!
How screwed am I?
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Not silly? I took transmission out of gear spun rear driver side and driver front spins but passenger front doesn't?
You might have open diff up front and the brakes may drag.
Have someone hold the driver front and see if the passenger front rotates.

EDIT: all in all, I don't' think you have a problem. It's good that you are checking this out to make sure but I think the axles may have been re-geared. It the gearing is that far off the jeep would bind up bad if you tried to drive in 4WD. Like the brakes are on. Then when you are moving the tires would slide and chirp.
Since the rear and at least one front tire is turning I think the TCase is fine.
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Nice to get good news as opposed to another project for a change!
Thanks for the help. I'll verify when I get another body to help me.
Worked like you said it would holding the drivers side front wheel. Thanks for the help!
Looks like the rearend was regeared to match the front 3.54

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