Bad Wiring? CJ5 Won't Start

Bad Wiring? CJ5 Won't Start


Louisville, Ky
76 CJ5, 258, 6 cylinder. Everything is stock, other than tires and winch.
First guys, thank you and I appreciate you checking my thread.

I am moderately mechanically skilled, I have replaced plugs, plug wires, distributor, replaced and gapped the points on this CJ5.

I have replaced the solenoid, battery, and batter cables. All cables and posts are clean and clear of any crud or corrosion. I have also replaced the ignition switch and all fuses have been replaced with new ones.


I have a 4 point ignition switch from NAPA, my ignition isn't ran through the column. I purchased it this way.

I get power to the dash lights and accessories when I turn the key back to the "accessory" position, in the "off" position everything goes off, when in the "on" position everything lights up and runs properly, but just as soon as I turn the key to the "ignition" position to start it I get nothing and all the gauges flatline.

Today I had the battery recharged and replaced the ignition switch for the second time, suspecting it may have been bad. And I still get the same results.

I suspect that I have some sort of short or possibly faulty wiring, but I have no idea where to start.

Before changing the wires and plugs and points the Jeep ran okay, after changing all of the things above it ran SUPER STRONG! The engine is sound and clean, I have been told by several people, that it is one of the best sounding and running engines they have seen with it being so old. O

One day I went to start it and it acted as if it wasn't going to but finally fired, that very same day it wouldn't start, click, turn over or nothing. It has been dead since.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks again
disconnect the wires going to the switch one at a time and see what happens. I would start with the one that goes to the solenoid. find out which is shorted and work back to the switch to see where.:cool:
Thank you for your help. I have seen your name on like a million posts! LOL I'll see what I can come up with.

So in your opinion does it sound like a short?

And when you say disconnect the wires going to the switch, disconnect them and see happens when the key is in that particular position? I am suspecting its when the key is in the "start" position. And there are three wires on that particular post.
I do not have a diagram in front of me and if you don't you should get one. :cool:
The only wire that I know of that should be hot when in "start" is the one to the solenoid coil.
Well thank you very much. I will tackle it again in the morning! I'll get out the Haynes and pull up a few online!
The only wire that I know of that should be hot when in "start" is the one to the solenoid coil.

I agree, it sounds like a solenoid problem to me.
I understand that you have a 4 pole ign.
but does your column have a key switch?

asking because if so did the PO run his own wires or splice from the column?
And 4 wires on one pole ( especially the start pole ) doesnt add up

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