Battery vs Ignition module relay

Battery vs Ignition module relay


Les Cedres, Qc
'83 CJ7 V6 258
Hello, I need help about my '83 CJ7 Jeep. It killed 2 batteries in 2 days. I put a brand new battery, started the Jeep, everything was okay. I turned off the Jeep and couple hours later the battery was dead! Not only low, dead!! I remarked that the electronic ignition module relay was "melted". I've changed the relay and its connector and as soon as I put the new battery, the new relay start clicking on & off non stop. So, I unplugged the battery. Then I put the key on "on" position and replugged the battery and no clicking. Would it be an ignition switch problem?


Sounds like a short circut somewhere. Try removing the positive connector on the battery and touching it back on again, if you get a spark, that is an indication of a short. If you leave the key on for an extended period of time, the ignition control module will get hot as you describe. So possibly a short in the ignition circut. Have you done any work on it lately?
Not for a long time. I was using it everyday to go to work, and 2 weeks ago, I finishing working and no more juice! I boosted the battery and went home. Next morning the battery was completely dead.

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