BBD Carb Power Issue

BBD Carb Power Issue


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Calvert County, Southern Maryland
1986 Jeep CJ

Mostly stock, 258 c.i.d., T-176 tranny, Dana 30 front, AMC 20 rear, Dana 300 t-case, 31x10.50 tires, 2 inch body lift
After several weeks of undoing what the PO did to the vacuum lines on my project, I've now got it idling well and no more knocking/pinging just cruising down the road. BUT I've got another problem:

The engine has no power at high speeds under load. Specifically, it cannot even hold 60 MPH on the highway when going up a hill...even at WOT.

If this was a 4 barrel carb, I'd say that the secondaries weren't opening...

At low speeds, there seems to be plenty of power and torque, and can hold highway speeds on flat ground.

Could something in the BBD carb cause this complete loss of power issue?? Maybe the metering rod? Or, am I just barking up the wrong tree??

...Oh, I should add that I am looking at the carb for problems now because I know it has some sort of accelerator pump problem (I think) because it has a major hesitation when you stand on the throttle...
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