Be careful what you say to dumb people.

Be careful what you say to dumb people.


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So a friends car battery keeps dying. I told him to make sure the fan belt was tight enough that it wasn't slipping and would therefore be charging properly (1975 chevy).

Calls me up with a bloody hand, says he can't tell, but my stupid advice mangled his fingers.

Now he knows to check with the engine OFF... :eek:

true story.
I would re evaluate my friend choosing paradigm.:cool:
But thats just me.
I work at a hospital and a doc showed me an XRay of someone that got his hand caught in a fan belt. His fingers actually went under the pulley and got so mangled that 2 fingers had to be amputated.
As my anger management counselor says, "stupid people do stupid things"
As I say if your gonna be stupid you better be tough!
Dang having Forest Gump as a friend must be a Bi-atch! j/k
but really this is some kind of joke right?
OH well hope his hand will be ok.
my high school buddy's dad did that on a model T many, many years ago. Chopped off two fingers on his hand. Your buddy was lucky.

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