Bellhousing problem and oil leak

Bellhousing problem and oil leak



Ooops! I think I posted this in the wrong place:

67 (dana spicer T18 transfer case, Dana 27 front diff; Dana 44 rear diff)

We had jeep checked out after buying it and the very able mechanic told us we had a transfer case leak, but no big worry. (Just keep oil in it he says)When we got to our new home, (towed the jeep) we drove the jeep little, and then a few weeks ago we noticed a big blotch of oil under it. Not sure what we are dealing with; or even where to put gear oil if need be LOL. Just trying to get advice until we can find a mechanic here?

Clearly bellhousing is missing a bolt, but shouldn't there be a gasket??
Yipes, and thanks!

Have uploaded photos I think :)

Looks like a rear main.
Hi Brenda, no gasket needed on the bellhousing, the thin metal piece is just a dust cover. It may be the rear main seal on the engine leaking oil, so keep a eye on your oil level. You can pick up a Haynes or Chiltons manual for info and pictures on checking and changing oil in your transmission & transfer case. :chug:
I was looking for this last nite but couldnt find it.:) Have to agree with Coldwater , looks to be a rear main seal. Not very hard to fix. Drain the oil , drop the pan , loosen the main cap , replace the seal , tighten cap to spec. , reinstall pan , add oil , and your done. Get yourself a Haynes manual or Chiltons and follow the instructions. One thing I found though is that you need to put a dab of silicone on each of the "feet" of the gasket for a leak free seal.
Ooops! I think I posted this in the wrong place
well there you go, A lot of the old engines have this problem. It really is a easy, if not time consuming project.

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