Bellhousing question

Bellhousing question


1985 CJ7
- 305
- NV 4500 trans
Have a 1985 CJ7 that has been swapped. I figured out the engine is a 305. Trans appears to be NV4500 based on photos I can find. Transfer is Dana 300 . Has a 3" body lift if that matters. I want to install a hydraulic clutch but can't seem to identify what bellhousing I have. It's aluminum and appears to have "milling?" marks along bottom of bell. Also has 77 stamped into it. Any ideas on what I have or what other info I need to gather before I order clutch kit?
A 305 to nv4500 should be a chevy bell housing. If you starting from scratch, you need a master cylinder from a mid 80's CJ, I set my jeep up with a hydraulic clutch and got the slave cylinder and hose from advance adapters. I think a four cylinder manual shift uses the same slave cylinder, not sure. Somebody else may know.
I looked up the part #'s I had and they are too old, but the master and slave cylinder are from a yj, my mistake in earlier post. I used advanced adapter since I was getting bell housing and transfer case adapter and clutch from them anyway. They gave me the part number for master cylinder I ordered from 4wd hardware. Their kit came with slave cylinder and hose with fittings.
Previous owner did the swap. I'm new to jeeps and have spent the last month online trying to ID all the mods they did. The suppliers you mentioned may be where the bell came from. They list several variations for their clutch kits which must be identified for the correct slave cylinder. Thanks for the insight and leads.

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