Best way to get speedo out

Best way to get speedo out


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1976 CJ 5, 232 6cyl 3spd lots of rust,good frame,Dana 44s w/373 gears,ProComp 4in lift kit
What is the best way for a fat old guy to get the gauges out to work on them?Too hard to try to wiggle under the dash.
:laugh: It does suck trying to get under the dash on CJs Remove the bolts on the front of the dash and tilt the dash forward it should give you enough to work with if not take out the 2 screws on steering column so it will move some more :chug:
Ditto. Although it seems like a pain, taking the dash partially off is a worth it in the long run. Or you could start doing yoga. :) A while back, I did contemplate taking a seat out so I could get under the dash easier.
pulling the dash out is NOT as hard as you think. just have a wire or string to hang the passengers side from and Its a snap.
the only hard thing may be removing the torx screws, those can be a bit of a PITA.:cool:
It helps alot if you put a really long bolt in the top two corners to hold it while you have your hands stuck behind it. :D
I put a bungee cord on each end then looped around the roll bar. Gave me good access and some wiggle room.

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