Blower motor

Blower motor


west tn
79 cj5 304 3 speed
I have a 79 CJ5. I have replaced all of the wiring and switches and my heater fan still runs all of the time. Any idea why this is? What is needed to fix it.
Lol, that's crazy, you are getting voltage all the time which means you have a short to an always hot wire or your new switch is bad also
Do you have a volt/ohm meter? :cool:
Yes I have a meter. I don't think it is the switch or wiring it was doing this before I changed either. What should the resistor read? The wiring goes through it and I haven't changed it.
If the fan doesn't run you could have a bad resistor. But, since it does, check a see if you get low,medium, and high speeds from the blower motor. Then check which speed is still operating in the off position. That should help you break down which circut is the problem. The heater resistor could be connected incorrectly.
It seems like the switch position doesn't make a difference. I will check again. I put in a painless wiring harness and replaced the switch. The previous owner had put in a toggle to turn it off. It doesn't run unless the key is on
I took voltage readings at motor and found 11.29 +/-.02to.04 at all switch positions. I also removed the heater resistor and got the same reading (all with motor unhooked). There is no difference in output with the motor plugged in.
Dumb question but... Are you sure it is TAN wire #780 from the engine wiring harness to the power tab on motor from inside engine bay?

You could also pull your fuse for heat/ac and just re-assure yourself it's something wired in that series instead of being wired from a different source
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I went and double checked it is the right wire and pulling the fuse does remove power.
That is a good idea I will try it. I am beginning to think my NEW switch is bad because it even works in off position with resistor unplugged.

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