body locator

body locator


frame off cj7
Ok, I am working on getting my motor/trany welded in. I hooke up my drive shaft, welded on my trany mount and starte to weld in motor mounts when it dawned on me that I dont really know where my firewall is going to be. Before I get caried away with anymore welding, is there any point to measure from to make sure ill have enough room? Im just concerned that I have abou four inchs between my fan and radiator and I could move everything forward if needed and just do driveline work. Im looking for a set point om a 84 c7 to locate the firewall in compairison to the frame?
the application is a ford 302, np435 tranny to a Dana 300
Do you have the tub? throw it on there and double-check your measurements with it lined up correctly.
No that is the problem , I don't have a tub yet. I'm looking door a set point to go by.any suggestions
I will have access to a CJ7 frame next week, but it has a YJ body on it. I can get some measurements then if you haven't found any by then.
Are the body mount perches on? If so, the first one marks the firewall, but it does indent in a bit toward the center

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