Body to frame mounts

Body to frame mounts


West Michigan
1946 CJ2A, 1978 CJ5
Hopefully someone here can help. On the bottom of a stock CJ5 tub at the front there are two mounting points which connect the tub to the frame. There is one on each side and are the further most forward mounts on the tub itself. While taking off two very rusted fenders I noticed both the right and left sides are bad and need full replacement.

I've done a lot of searching on google but cannot seem to find a source.

Any ideas or pointers that have worked for anyone here?

Thank you!
these? The angle is looking at them from the top , what they would look like if the floor wasnt there. If so you can find them here
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No problem man. Thats what this site is for. God knows Ive had enough people help me out. Glad to help. :chug:
Cool 2 for 1. Classic Enterprizes has some nice stuff. A little more expensive than others but stuff I got fit nice. Heard alot of good things about them from the CJ8 guys doing restorations. :cool:
sweet i was looking for some myself

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