Bolt on and go carb?

Bolt on and go carb?

Jasper Jeep

Patagonia, Arizona
'79 CJ7
I am sorry I am not using search and digging up info that I am sure is all over the posts here, but I am traveling and looking for quick info.
After years of cleaning and adjusting I have finally joined the club of Carter BBD haters.
Its just more hassle them I am willing to deal with any more.
I am away from home and would like to get a new carb, bolt on and drive away.
Can I buy the mc2100(?) ready to go at a Napa?
Thanks in advance for any help.
nope nobody makes them anymore, you would have to get one from a junkyard or there is a guy online who sells them. check craigslist sometimes you find them on there. although if you got the coin and are in a hurry you should be able to get a holley 2300 from a parts store next day but they run about $300. the holley 2300 is extremely similar to a mc2100, i want one though because you can use holley jets, and other parts (of course). you would still need an adapter which is mr gasket part# 1937.
Jasper Jeep, I have an Offy aluminum intake with a Holley 390 4 barrel on my '74 CJ5 258 c.i. It really works good. Drove it from Los Angeles to Eugene Or. with no problems. It's something to look into.
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A friend of mine just bought an MC2100 from Summit racing, maybe he will see this and chime in. He is also a member here.
you will need the aforementioned adapter and wire a realay for an electric choke.. Neither one is hard to install. Why not a webber?
you will need the aforementioned adapter and wire a realay for an electric choke.. Neither one is hard to install. Why not a webber?

What voltage is recommended for the electric choke wire?
The choke requires 12v. The hardest part about wiring it up is where you get the power from. I spent a week reading article on how to properly wire one up and theres 2 schools of thought.

#1 the easiest. Find a Ignition on hot wire, tap into it and plug it into the carb. It will work, but if you were working on the Jeep with the engine off or parked and listening to the radio with the key on it will heat up the coil so when you go to start it cold the choke is already open. I also read one or two accounts that the choke needs air passing near the element to keep it from overheating. That one Im not 100% on but it kind of make sense.

#2 The way I wired mine. You need to wire it to a basic realy. The relay is triggered by a power source that only is on while the motor is running. Now you may be thinking where do I find such a wire. On your altenator there is a 2 wire plug, one wire is big and red, the other is thin and brown (I think) The brown wire only recieves power when the altenator is turn so it only is powered when the engine is running.

You need to use the thin wire to power your relay, get your 12v directly from your battery, ground it to the frame or better yet the battery then the last wire goes to the choke. I installed a 10 Amp fuse between the relay and choke to make sure that it doesnt over heat. You also need to verify thatthe carb is grounded since the choke ground through the motor. All you have to do is run a test light from the positive side of the battery then touch the probe to the carb.. good light means good ground.

So far is has worked great. Ive had no problems starting it, actually it starts on the first crank even when cold, it takes about 45-90 seconds to open up completely. And it only gets power when the motor is running. If your not sure how to wire up a basic relay let me know and I can tell what wires go to what terminal.

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