Brake light question

Brake light question


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1975 CJ5
Hello. I have a 1975 CJ5. My brake lights quit. I tried jumping the switch on the pedal and it still does not work. I ran a hot wire to the switch and the brake lights came on. All my fuses look good. About (I think) the same time, two accessory lights that i have hooked up to the fuse panel on the always hot source quit as well. The always hot source is at the top of the fuse panel on the left next to the hazard light thingy. So my question is, what protects these two prongs that just have a male connection sticking out? Is there a fuseable link, breaker, or what? And where is it?? Whatever this is (I think) must be what blew and took my accessory lights and my brake lights with it. My turn signals and hazard lights work. any help appreciated, thanx.
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Ok, turns out one of the fuses that looked good was not good, I replaced it and it blew. Unhooked the accessory lights and now the brake lights work with a new fuse. So one of the accessory lights must be grounding out. Morale of the story, the old style fuses can look good, yet be blown. dave

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