Brake/running lights and odometer problem

Brake/running lights and odometer problem


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1977 CJ5 I-6
I'm about to do a tub swap but before i do so i want to fix the problem of my rear lights. When i hit the breaks the light come on, but when i let go there is not light illuminating (running light). It doesn't matter if i have the head lights on or off, they will not stay on. I can't drive at night time due to this. Could this be a connection problem or a wires not hooked up correctly?

Also, a buddy of mine just called and said his dad's jeep odometer/speedometer stop working from time to time. He has a 1996 Jeep Wrangler inline 6. What would be the best place to start looking for the problem???

Thanks in advance.
Is it all the running lights or just the rear? Could be a fuse. Could be rusted bulb sockets. Start with these basics. The 96 jeep speedo issue may be the speed sensor on the rear of the T-case.

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