bronze bushing

bronze bushing


danbury ct
84 cj-7 laredo 258 stock rebuild.4 speed ,
pilot bushings have been reported that have high levels of iron content,which can cause failure and premature wear problems on the input shaft,a magnet test is all that is needed to check, but before i make the rounds of parts stores, does an y one no of brands out there that are all bronze?
Most pilot bushings are actually made from Oilite material which is a sintered metal that is oil impregnated. The input end of the tranny is heat treated.

I've put many, actually 7 in 36 years, with the same tranny. No wear to the input shaft.

Keep in mind the bushing only comes into play when you push the clutch in.
thanks for the info,i just rebuilt my 176 the input shaft was ok on the wear portion of shaft but the skirt area for the syncro was damaged so i needed a replacement,i first bought a spare tranny but that one had galled metal at pilot area,my experienced friend that oversaw the build said it looked like it had metal welded from heat .so i did a search and found that chinese imports often had high iron added to the metal [bronze]bushing.i ended up just replacing the gears on original trans including the input shaft.but i don't want a bushing failure from a import problem,are you saying the oillite product is a metal alloy other then bronze?
it's bronze,a good soft metal ,the china imports save money by adding iron to dilute the expensive bronze,
Dorman are US made. You can see the molding marks and sintered metal. It is not solid bronze. It is a powdered metal that is molded under very high pressure. You don't need to be Metalurgist to understand this. No one would suggest using a solid bronze without proper lubrication. It will fail.

Dorman 14658 Help Pilot Bushing

Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin. Some alloys add manganese, Silicone and Aluminum.

Buy US. The job you save may be your own.

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