Buddies jeep only woks in 4wd

Buddies jeep only woks in 4wd


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What do you think happened? Broke u joint or something. What should he look for.
So... I'm assuming you mean only "moves" in 4x4. Let's try to narrow down some stuff...

Is the Front wheels the only wheels that move?

Does (while on Jack stands) the rear driveline move in 2 wheel?

Any unusual noise?

I would assume either problem in the rear diff or in the transfer case...

Put it on jack stands and carefully test in range of settings on transfer case,
Write down results and come back and post with those answers etc.. Might have more help that way.

Also is your bio his jeep info or your own? If your own, put the drivetrain info of you buddies in the post. IE transmission and TC types, diff types, etc...
it will only move in 4wd and he didnt hear any bad noises.

He has a stock late 70s CJ5 with 33'' tires

i dont know the specifics on the drive train
Based on the detailed information i would say its a problem in the drivetrain.

Cheers :chug:
And then you totally redeem yourself! lol

Seriously though, maybe someone smarter would have a better answer with the info you've given.

It really could be a u joint as you say, or my assumption linkage broken in the transfer case...

I've even heard of a guy stealing a driveline in the middle of the night and the owner not being able to figure out why his truck wouldn't move the next AM when it started up... (true story: I got under it and was like "Well there's your problem...")

So without more info, I got nothin but guesses man...

Good luck!
yea i had a buddy that had an ole s10 pickup and it quit working and it sat for 3yrs and he didnt want it so he sold it for dirt cheap and we found out that somebody stole the starter off it and the guy put on a new one and drives it all the time hahaha
you should pull the diff cover and check the gears, just because it doesn't make any off noises doesn't mean that gears aren't broke. Also if it still has 2pc axles, you should check to see if one of the axles is spinning in the hub. it only takes one axle on either side spinning in the hub, for it to not move, in an open differential. does he have a twin stick setup on the transfer case? if so is the rear axle engaged? you can eliminate a transfer case/transmission problem by jacking up the rear (taking all safety precautions of course) putting the transmission and transfer case in gear and rotating the rear drive shaft, if it spins you have a tranny/transfer case problem, if not its in the rear axle. things you can check easy.
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Have your buddy unlock the front hubs, and see if it will move in any tc setting. No need in jacking it up that way.
You look underneith while your buddy puts it in gear (2wd & 4wd) and see if the rear driveshaft is turning.
Let us know what you find when you do this.
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If I were to guess I would say it's the shift mechanism in the TCase. I say that because you said he didn't hear bad noises. He puts it in gear and doen't go anywhere. If the rear end went out or the TCase gears went out it would make bad noises. Even a broken axle shaft would make noises as the ends rubbed and hit and flopped inside the axle tubes.
Old Dog is exactly right: you have to look to see if the drive shaft is rotating. If it isn't then the problem is in the TCase and my guess about the shift may be right.
I think you are driving in front wheel drive when you think you are in 4WD.

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