Burgandy Bikini!!

Burgandy Bikini!!


Huntsville, AL
1985 CJ-7 that has been a project since i was 12. 258 4.2L, Dana 30 in front and 20 rear, 2" shackled with 33" Hancook Mts, 3.54 gears. 78 GMC pickup with worked 350.
Ok so I have an original Burgandy strapless bikini top from when Jeep was their own corp. It had never been used and was brand new until about a week ago (wanted to try it one). My question is, does anyone know a figure of about how much it is worth?? Just wanting to know if it needs to be put back up!
I would guess they are worth what someone would want to pay for it. There is one for a CJ5 on feebay for 39.99 BIN

I have the garnet red interior and would love to have the bikini if you decide to sell it. It would be worth $60 at least.
I cant find any of them anywhere which is why I was wondering if it was a rare thing. I think im going to do some more diggin about them
do you still have it?



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