Can someone please tell me what this is????

Can someone please tell me what this is????


Fairfield, CA
1981 CJ-5 Renegade 304/V-8
It is mounted on the drivers side firewall. No Clue....
can you put the picture in your gallery so I can see it a bit larger??:(
A) is that a grease zerk fitting on the top?
B) does it go thru the firewall at all, or have any wires attached?

I have no clue.
If you shake the jeep does it rattle? This is pretty far out there but it looks like a shaker switch. Part of an alarm system. the terminal on the top will ground when it is moved. The big problem was that it took 15 minutes to quit shaking so you could set it.:cool:
IO---You are the big winner!!! It does rattle. I took it off and I think you are right. I did call my Dad and sent him a pic and he had no clue but said it was definately there when we bought it. Mystery solved:chug:

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