Can Someone Tell Me Why this D300 Looks Weird to Me?

Can Someone Tell Me Why this D300 Looks Weird to Me?


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1986 CJ7 Laredo 4.0,Nv3550,D300 Twin Stick,AMC20 3.31, 31 BFG
Honda vtx1800c
I am in need of a D300 and I found this one on CL the guy wants 200 for it but has no Idea what the mileage is and isn't sure if its been sitting with gear oil in it or not. He did say it has been sitting inside though for almost 5 years.

So first off is 200 too much and second what the heck is bolted to the front of it? Can it be removed and is the standard input assembly underneath there or will I have to buy an input housing to go with my Nv3550 project?
Looks like it has the tail housing of a tranny still attached. But it does look to be a d300.

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