cannister in engine bay (not charcoal)

cannister in engine bay (not charcoal)


Ft. Polk
85 CJ 7
2.5L engine
Hey, still trying to get rid of unnecessary emissions stuff, and I am curious what the cannister located on the passenger side, between the firewall and fender is? it has two electrical connections coming off of it that one ends up on a rubber hose that goes to the carb, and I havent figured out where the other one goes yet. its about 2/3ds the size of the charcoal cannister. would anyone have a complete vehicle parts diagram for an 85 CJ7 with the 2.5 AMC? I have looked online, but havent found a diagram that has that specific item. thanks.

also, if anyone has a picture of what a 2.5 AMC YFA carb looks like completely desmogged, I would be EXTREMELY appreciative for the pic. thanks again.
i also have 2 similar things on my firewall right in the middle. they have wires hooked up to them and a vaccuum line as well. i dont have any idea what they are or do. :confused:
well, i found out its a vacuum cannister, but unsure if i can pull it out without causing more trouble with emissions or not. has anyone removed this, and if so, were there any adverse affects? thanks.

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