Carb Linkage

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Grand Prairie, TX
1985 CJ-7 stripped, stolen recovery...
partial 4.2L 258ci
1990 Ford Bronco 5.8L
So this is gonna drive m nuts do please help...
'85 CJ7 258
I just got my carburetor and I'm getting ready to mount it. I thought the accelerator cable connected directly to the Carb bracket. Instead their is another pivot point out 4-6 inches below the Carb. What is the name of the bar that connects the two? And on the lower pivot is there supposed to be a return spring?
Ive tried Carb connector, connector rod, throttle connector, throttle bar. Is this a OE part I can buy?
I'm just going to rig it up for now.....but I'd like to get an original part before I get her road worthy....
Picture would help, many dif. carbs out there if you get my drift.
View attachment 3710Here's a photo of my 85 CJ. I believe it to be all stock and original. 258 with 2bbl computer carb and 4 spd.

I hope this works. First time for me to install an attachment.
View attachment 3711 Here's a pic of where the springs go. You wouldn't want to put them lower in case of a part breaking or coming loose. Sorry, don't know what the part is called by Jeep. Some manufacturers call it a bell crank.
aha bell crank is the winner!!
Thanks for the pics to both of you that helps...

Now to find
I think the rod can be found on older a ford with a carburetor. It may not be the right length but it should have the spring clips that snap onto the pivot ball on the bell crank and the pivot ball on the carburetor throttle arm. The rod is a 1/ 4" steel rod with a hole in each end. the distance between the holes is the distance between the two pivot balls.
I think you will find this on anything that has a MC 2100 on it. I really don't think you are going to find one of these from after market.
Wish I could be of more help. When you find one of these from a ford I think you will see how the spring clips work and then you just need a piece of cold rolled round from the home despot and an appropriate size drill bit.

You will notice that mine is bent, top and bottom. when I changed to the 2bbl from a 1 bbl carb it was easier for me to adjust length by bending it rather than cutting a new one to length, you just about have to have a drill press to drill a hole in the side of a 1/4 inch round rod. The little round clip on the end is what you really need. you may be able to find the clips on an assortment of throttle cables as well. Time for a trip to the pull your part. there is one on 2nd Av in Pleasant Grove that has a decent selection of older Ford trucks.:cool:

good luck

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