Carb opinion

Carb opinion


crestview, Fl
1985 CJ7 with a 1984 6-258 with Holly 4bbl carb, 4 speed trans not sure about the rest just got it
I have an 85 CJ7 with a 6-258 engine and a Holly 4 bbl carb. This really seems like a waste to me (to much carb to little engine) but before I go through the expense of changing out the intake manifold and carb I would like to get some advice from the experienced. What would you do?
they make 4 barrel to 2 barrel adapter plates that way you can keep your intake. what size 4 barrel do you have?
I'm not sure about the bore size but it is a model 4160 and the information I have read said not to use with a adapter plate. I'm just not sure but mabey a option? Thanks for responce
All Depends on CFM rating. 4160 models where anywhere from 400 to 600 cfm. Also depends on the cam, if its stock or not.
Hey thanks for replies still not sure which way to go? Will look into the adapter plate and see where that takes me. Thanks
I actually just put on a new carter 2 barrel. My motor is stock and I didn't want too much carb for the motor. I do have a HEI ignition and it just was the sensible solution.

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