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Does anybody use it anymore? Or did it go out with leisure suits and bell bottoms?
When I bought my ole CJ7 it had a CB radio installed. I've turned it on a couple of times and flipped through the channels, but it's pretty much dead air. Just wondering if it's worth the trouble to try and find my old SWR meter and check the tuning, maybe even get a new license (the original is long expired). Back in the day, it was kind of nice to have around on the road - "smoky reports", local info, etc. I still see a few big rigs with antennaes, and units for sale at truck stops.
Ken, when on runs, most guys have a cb
trail talk and communication while on trail is important and fun
now saying that, it seems most of the channels around town are full of idiots
so a lot of us have gotten our hams license and run 2 meter
it is crystal clear and gets a lot further out. cost is a bit more than CB but it is worth it.
I still use a CB, even before I had a jeep I had one in my car, great for highway stuff too, the truckers tell you where speed traps are, you can hear them comming the opposite direction telling fellow truckers what lanes to get in during constuction or an accident, I keep mine on 19, but around town I never get any traffic on it so I rarely turn it on.
Everybody aaround here uses them on the trails to BS and keep in touch with eachother, also to let everyone know of any dangers on the trail ahead.
Most of us also run one in our truck to keep up on traffic and smokies.
Or to chat if we are towing in a convoy.
Well now, maybe technology hasn't flown past me as much as I thought. Guess I'll piddle with this thing and see if I can make it useful.
The Ham radio is an interesting idea. I looked into it many years ago, but at that time you had to pass a Morse code test. I went through a little 'evaluation' process in basic training, and couldn't tell a dit from a dah. Now that Morse is no longer a requirement, I might take another look at it. Do they have transceivers that can do double duty, i.e. mobile and base station?
U a squidy?
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When I was in high school, I had a CB in my 73 Dodge Dart. It was a blast! I loved my CB. I even had a base station in my room. I knew the 10 code and everything. A few years ago I was growing nostalgic and my wife got me a Uniden 40 ch Bear Cat for Chritsmas. I was STOKED! I quickly installed it A N D . . . .dead air! Sure, there was a few truckers out there once in a while but in my area it wasn't even worth having. Cell phones and internet have killed the CB in my area I guess. I'm still kinda bummed about it. Ended up selling it on Ebay. I don't go on big organized trail rides, but I have a couple Motorola Talk Abouts and a lot of my buddies have them too and they have great range and plenty of channels.
i have a cb in a dump truck. i use mine enough for all of us, so much so i get sick of it and turn it off. you ain't missin anything i promise, bunch of damn idiots on there. don't believe me get one go out by the interstate put it on 19 and listen for an hour and you'll wanna throw it out the window
i have a cb in a dump truck. i use mine enough for all of us, so much so i get sick of it and turn it off. you ain't missin anything i promise, bunch of damn idiots on there. don't believe me get one go out by the interstate put it on 19 and listen for an hour and you'll wanna throw it out the window

I hear ya! I loved my CB back in the day, but now due to my job I have to wear a radio on me at all times. It's not a CB, but I hear plenty. I get tired of it for sure! LOL. Cured me of my CB lust. :chug:
Yes CB's are still a staple in 4WD clubs I've got one in both of my Jeeps.
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No way - I get seasick in a rowboat. Did my 8+ 58-66 in the USAF. Some of us are lovers - others are fighters. And I still can't read that ... .... .. _
I am posting this to answer a few of the questions in the thread.
Around here we use the Ca4x4 assoc trail equipment list as a minimum for a safety check list before organized runs, and that list a CB.
Like I said it is fun, and Important to have one. Instant communication is vital on all runs, such as bikes or quads coming down the trail, Member of the run having to stop for a minute. Problems and just chewing the rag. It really does make for having a better time and keep group dynamics tight.
Because we live near a heavily populated area, I guess is why we explore other avenues of communication so readily. The channels here are overrun and there is always someone with a powerful unit being as A BAD WORD on the CB. The family radio group of radios do not work, trust me on that, one hill and no service, just not powerful enough, Cb will get you about 2 miles here if no major obstacles. Every one needs to be on one system to be fluid also, having to run 2 systems is a pain.
So naturally Ham has evolved here.
So like i said, a lot of us have become hams. Many of us use CB and 2 meter (70 CM is also very popular)and CB. If we have a group that all have 2 meter we jut use that. But how the ham normally comes in real handy is we will pick a band for the trail ride, using simplex technology, just like using a CB, making sure the leader and gunner( large groups a middle man also) all have a 2 meter they use it to keep the group bunched and for any issues. That leaves the CB to be used within the group for more of a social thing, or as a guide service if we are in an historic or overly scenic area. Believe me on a run among friends or larger groups ragging on each other along with passing info back and forth can keep the Cb squawking pretty well.
Besides that, most good Ham FM units have a dual channel watch where you can monitor 2 channels at once,(2 meter phone(voice) mode is FM) so you can use repeater technology to keep information between trail rides and base. OK, most areas have a repeater set up, and you set your radio just powerful enough to reach the repeater, it then repeats the message at a much higher power and gets you out to whatever area it's coverage is. So if you are 20 0r 30 miles from the event base you can be in contact. I think it would not take much imagination to see how valuable it would be to have the event in contact with all the runs, especially when coordinating other things going on within the. Plus maybe emergency contact with a trail ride with an accident. Anyway it has been developed in some clubs so much they set up temporary repeaters for just the event.
I go to an event each year set up in Logandale NV by the Las Vegas 4x4 club where some of the runs can be 30 miles from base. Knowing some of the organizers as personal friends and all of us being hams it was not long before this came to be a necessity and we put the repeater together and got a license for it.
Now, I can get a 5 watt HT (hand held) and talk the 30 miles to base on these runs.
My personal setup in my Jeep will be a 3 watt cb, usually the little cobra unit that is all in the mic piece, a 50 watt 2 meter with dual watch, my personal choice in that is Yeasu unit that is known world wide for ruggedness and is a bit pricey, and a 5 watt HT so I have something when not in the jeep to keep in contact.
Another place besides group runs I have found the Ham valuable is when we are out camping, got the wife to get a ham license and we use a repeater to keep in contact. Now I can go out and go exploring in the jeep, or go to town for supplies, or what ever and we can get in touch with each other. That has come in very handy a few times, like when visitors hit camp I can be told to get back, or when I have a brain fart in town getting groceries. etc.

I hope I have explained why Ham is very handy, it is a great system. The biggest reason I think besides the ones mentioned though is that it is a policed system, we do not have to put up with the idiots you do on CB. Those guys are found quick and fined heavily so the air waves are clean and clear. Everyone operates politely and you do not have to listen to the F word every other sentence.

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