Charging system circuits

Charging system circuits


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Original Thread:

So what apparently happened: (not sure there was ever an issue with the winch...)


If you look, there are two wires coming off the ign coil. Well, when I replaced the coil with DUI distributor and MSD streetfire box, I neglected to re hook up the 2nd wire, that runs back to the "I" post on the starter relay. That "I" post provides voltage into the voltage regulator, which is the back up system for the alternator to get the power it needs to begin to reproduce power and charge battery / run the Jeep while running.

I hooked up a ignition power wire to the "I" post, and the yellow into the voltage regulator, and it charges.

However :cool:..... That is the "back-up" circuit for charging system... from what I have read, the main circuit that should work is the "Alt / Amp indicator light circuit"...

The main circuit is supposed to be the (show on left lower of the above diagram) from Ignition hot (switched) to the fuel gauge, to the alt indicator light (which in my year is the AMP light, but same thing) to the grey wire that appears to connect into the voltage regulator... but this is where it looses me, and I am confused.

It appears the two wires simply come together to then go to the regulator terminal of the Alt.

but the grey (orange actually on the Voltage reg i have, but same thing) is output power, that is already being supplied through the "resistors" and by the back up circuit above.... But unless the light, restricts some voltage, the voltage will be higher than the voltage already coming out of the voltage regulator, and it seems to me this would basically bypass the regulator...


AHHH... Anyways, I am learning about the charging stuff at least :D

What do you guys think?

The charging ALT / AMP bulb does not work anymore, never paid much attention to it, since didn't think was important. Noticed the other day it did come on though, but has since stopped again. Checked bulb its good.

Think I just have a mess of wiring that needs to be cleaned up and re-ran because I suspect I have wiring shorts. Grimlins as most call them.

Hmmm painless wiring harness you say... Hmmm :cool:


~ JR
Bump... :cool:

look into the EZ wire harness. Less $$ and about the same for install ease..

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