Build Thread Charlie's 1980 CJ-7 DD/Trail Build

The changes I have made so far:
New 94 amp Alternator (Bought original brackets on e-Bay)
Replaced PVC valve, air filter, oil, oil filter
Added used Half doors
Added new fan shroud
Added new shifter handle
Replaced the rear main bearing seal to stop oil leak (Also replaced oil pan gaskets, painted oil pan)
View attachment 6796

New changes in progress:
NP 435 tranny (tranny in hand)
Adding used full doors (doors in hand)
Adding hard top (hard top in hand)
Replacing valve cover seals, painting valve covers, new valve cover bolts
View attachment 6797 View attachment 6798 View attachment 6799 View attachment 6800

Other desired changes:
MSD ignition box, dizzy, coil
Pulstar plugs
Granetelli spark plug wires
Dana 44 front & rear (4.10 gears)
ARB Lockers
32" Tires
BSD 2 1/2" lift
Bilstein Shocks
TBI or EFI not sure yet
Power/Booster Brakes
210 York Air compressor
Lots of body work possibly new tub and panels
BigDaddy tie rod/drag link
Dual Optima Batteries
Warn winch
New drive shafts
AGR steering components (box, pump, rockram)
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Let the fun begin.:chug:
Nice! :chug:
That's a good project, should keep you busy. Need some pics as you go.:D

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Way to get on my nerves from the very start.
Thanks CJ

Back on track I wish I could get the energy up to finish painting those valve covers and installing the new seals to get my CJ running again. Rust is all treated. They are ready to sand and prime. I am excited about the colors I am using blue for the valve covers, black for the valve cover racing T bolts. Red for the air cleaner, black for the nut and red for the oil breather. Too bad the engine block is orange one day I will change that. Also I have cleaned up the top of the engine pretty good. Step at a time.

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