chassis mods

chassis mods


This is my first post and I am John from Texas. I have built jeeps before we had 9 CJ2a's at one time. We refurbished them all and sold them. I have been an active hot rodder for all my life having street cars and race cars. I am starting my latest project based on a Jeep CJ7 chassis and body.

I turning a CJ7 into a hotrod two wheel drive! This will be my hot rod roadster the concept is the same as some people building a 23 TBucket.

I plan on installing an independant front suspension my questions are:

1. do I need to cut the front frame off from the rear front spring perch forward and replace with a straight piece of tubing to mount the IFS so the IFS will have the correct geometry. Or can I leave the slight arch of the stock frame without hurting the geometry? I will be keeping the stock wheel base or it may move 1-2 inches.

2. What do you think of my idea?

I want a roadster and the 23's, 32's etc are way out of my price range. I will either go with an aftermarket tub or if I can find a repairable tub go with stock. The rear suspension will be from a 1990's Ford TBird and will be an idependant rear suspension. They are fairly cheap. My engine will be a 4.6 Ford modular V-8 with probably an auto, just depends on the deal I can get. All of the fabrication work, body work and installation and will be done by me.

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Welcome aboard from Texas :chug: You have me a little stumped :laugh: We are so used to talking about more lift and bigger tires this will be an adventure for sure... I would think that if your already planning to use an independent rear you should go for the independent front as well my 2cents worth...... It will def stand out in the crowd I am imagining it without the hood and fenders sitting close to the ground now:chug:
Yeah I am going with the IFS and that's what's bothering me. With the front of the chassis being arched from the rear front spring perch forward, I think I need to cut that out and just use straight tubing so I can accurately mount the IFS.

I will probably keep the front fenders hood and grill, but it will sit LOWWWWW to the ground.

Thanks for the welcome!

I have no idea how to do it, but I want to see pic's when your done if it looks like this.
Man that's cool. Yeah it will be something like that but more of a daily driver, I want to go on some of the hot rod tours. I am getting a frame hopefully this weekend at the local pull-a-part. They say they have a frame and a tub, but we will see...

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