Cheap fix

Cheap fix


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Colorado Springs
1984 cj7 RENEGADE, Hard Top, factory air, reman 258 I6, ax15, D 300, D 30, AMC 20 with one piece axle, welded tubes and a searchers truss system, 4.56 gears, 4" lift, BFG 33x12.5x15, DirtWorx front and rear bumpers, rock sliders
A couple of weeks ago my head lights would go off when I switched the beams. Only once in a while, then they worked fine. Today I arrived at the conclusion that they had once again gone inact as driver after driver flashed me in the fog. Short trip to an Andy of Mayberry type parts store I frequent produced a new dimmer for $6.83 after taxes. Viola, two bolts and a connection, Lights where there were none.

I guess 29 years of water, snow, slush, errant sodas, finally took its toll on the small little clicker thingy. Jeeps, Ya gotta love em!
Yep...and you saved $120 per hour in labor yourself, you deserve it! :chug:
I have that same prob and need to pick one up. I occasionally have to kick it or twist the top to get'em on. :D

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