cj rear disc conversion

that can be done a whole lot cheaper thru different suppliers or a bit of research into junkyard parts/new stuff.

I have a few links on my home computer, but I won't get there until next week sometime.
I know that a set of 88-91 Lincoln rear callipers, can be used with a 10.55x5x5.50 Ford rotor. As for the brackets and other pieces, not sure what ones are needed.
Well, after more digging I found this article -->> Dana 44 Rear Disc Brake Install - - Jeep at Off-Road.com It uses brackets from The Streetrod Manufacturing Co and rear caliper from and 80's Eldorado.

Here is the parts list (new prices)-

TSM Bracket Kit – 2460 $270
Calipers – Cardone #184138, 184139 $178
Brake Pads – NAPA TS7070RM $25
Hose for driver side – Brakeware #77229 $12 (remove the steel bracket)
Hose for pass. Side – Brakeware #77324 $10
2 Banjo bolts – 13940 - $10
E-brake cables – Custom made by Control Cables, 562-949-0455

Here is a different way on a TJ. -->> Disc Brake Conversion - 1

A IH 44 conversion with step by step information and a parts list/ -->> Build up part 3 Rear Disc brakes - Binder Bench

There are many ways to get where you want to go. It just depends on how much work or fabrication you feel like doing... :)
On my ’73, I did the Stainless Steel Brake kit years ago. (‘92sih) I don’t think I would spend the money for one of their kits today. They used a custom rotor (CJ 2-bolt cut down to 10.5”) and t-bird calipers. Overall the kit was nice, bolted on ok. But when it came to needing a replacement rotor, the $100 price tag turned me off. Also the small piston of the T-bird caliper is on the small side when mating it up with 6-bolt CJ front calipers. It might even be small when mated with the 2-bolt CJ/YJ front calipers. I often wanted to upgrade it to the Lincoln rear calipers. (same mounting bracket) but never found a pair at a price I wanted to pay. I never did give SSB $100 for a replacement rotor. Instead I lengthened the bracket and now use stock 2-bolt CJ rotors in the rear.
For the Scout 44 I’m building as a replacement for my rear axle. (same width as the Scout 44 front it is getting) I going to be using stock 2-bolt CJ front calipers with early ‘80’s Cadillac rear calipers, and some generic weld-on GM P-metric brackets. This should come out cheap and easy.
Calipers - $75 (ebay)
Brackets - $20 (speedway)
Rotors - $0 (on the shelf)
Parking brake cables - $0 on the CJ5

Some of you may find this useful.

Brake Caliper size info:

Front Brake Caliper Pistons sizes:

2.934 = 79 Chevy 1/2ton
2.934 or 3.146 = 79 Chevy 3/4ton
3.375 = 79 Chevy 1 ton (Dana 60)
2.875 = 79 Ford 1/2ton
2.875 = single piston......->......79 Ford 3/4ton
4.360 = Dual piston 2.18 x 2 -> 79 Ford 3/4ton
4.360 = Dual piston 2.18 x 2 -> 79 Ford 1ton (Dana 60)
3.100 = 78 Lincoln Mark V

2.874= SVO & Lincoln MarkVII
2.934 = 79 & 91 Jeep Waggy
2.934 = 77 CJ
2.596 = 82 CJ
2.596 = 87 YJ
2.595 = 97 XJ
3.100 = 86 Dodge 1ton (Dana 60)

Rear Brake Caliper Pistons sizes:
1.496= 87-88 Tbird Turbo Coupe
2.126 = 84-90 Lincoln Mark VII
2.497 = 78 Cadillac Eldorado large . Nape # SDC2422106
2.121 = 79 Cadillac Eldorado small . Nape # SDC2422100

2.126= 80-85 Cadillac Seville

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