CJ Spotters Guide

CJ Spotters Guide


Always Off-Roading Jeeper
Durango, Crawlarado
1979 Jeep CJ5 with 304 V8, T18 Transmission, Dana 20 Transfer case with TeraLow 3:1 gears, 4.88 axle gears, Detroit Locker up front and Ox Locker in back with 1 piece axle shafts, 36" SuperSwamper SX Tires, Shackle reversal, MileMarker Hydraulic winch, MSD 6A ignition.
Military or Civilian?
Many military jeeps look similar to the civilian versions but there are a few ways to tell the difference. The military flat fender jeeps were designed with a 9 slot grill. The civilian jeeps have 7 slots. When the military got rid of the flat fender design and produced the M38A1 (the military equivalent of the CJ5 ) even the military jeeps had the 7 slot grill.
At the risk of overgeneralizing military jeeps don't have tailgates that open (the long wheelbase M170 is the exception). The military jeeps had larger fuel fillers for fast refills. Most military flat fenders had glove boxes whereas the civilian version didn't.

For more information on the military jeeps check out this link -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/military-models.44516/


Only 45 CJ2 's were ever built and only 9 survive to today (only one restored). The Willys-Overland CJ2 was based on the MB Jeep. These were built for test use only. They were designed for agricultural use and were labeled the “AgriJeep ”. They were geared very low with 5.38 differential gears and a 2.4 to one transfer case. Click here for more info on the CJ2 -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/cj1-cj2-agrijeep.43385/


1946 Willys CJ2a

The Willys-Overland CJ2a was built from 1945 to 1949. It was the first Jeep that was easily owned by the civilian public. Over 214,000 CJ2a 's were produced. It can be identified by it's two piece windshield with a divider between the drivers side glass and the passenger. The bottom of this windshield frame has "Willys" imprinted under the glass. Another point to identify it from the MB is the Gas filler behind the drivers entrance and the Grill is not the same as Military models.
Click here for more info on the C2a -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/cj2a.44019/

Gary Keats' 1949 CJ3a

The Willys-Overland CJ3a was built from 1949 to 1953. It had a one piece windshield with wipers and a vent on the bottom of the windshield frame. The spare tire was mounted on the passenger side of the body.[/FONT] Also of note is that the indents for tool mounting are gone.
Click Here for more info on the CJ3a -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/cj3a.43465/

@Sasquach 's 1964 Willys CJ3b

The CJ3b was designed by Willys but in 1953, when the CJ3b was released, the Willys company was sold to Kaiser. The Willys CJ3b was given the distinctive high hood to accommodate the Willys Hurricane F Head engine. This hood is the easiest way to identify the CJ3b .[/FONT] These "high hood" jeeps were built until 1968.

Click here for more info on the CJ3b -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/cj3a.43465/


Very few CJ4 's were ever produced. The CJ4 is easy to identify. It has unique front fenders.

Click here for more info on the CJ4 -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/cj4-the-forgotten-cj.44050/


The CJ5 was produced from 1954 to 1983. It no longer had the flat fender look of the earlier models. The CJ5 was originally intended to replace the CJ3b but that model continued to be produced until 1968. The feature that distinguishes the CJ5 from the CJ7 is the shape of the door.

American Motors bought the Jeep company in 1971 and in the following year AMC engines were used in Jeep CJs. The engine compartment was lengthened to accommodate the AMC engines. How can you tell if a CJ5 has the longer hood? Notice how the curve of the front fender in the above picture goes to the seam of the body. Compare this to the AMC CJ5 below. Here the curve of the fender ends 3 inches from that seam.


There were 3 generations of CJ5s

1955 - 1971 CJ5 has the shorter hood. The gas tank was under the seat. The CJ5 had open steering knuckle until 1970.

Click here for more info on the 1955-1971 CJ5 -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/cj5-1955-to-1971.43387/

1972 - 1975 CJ5 has a longer hood and the gas tank was moved behind the axle. The fuel filler was on the back corner.

Click here for more info on the 1972-1975 CJ5 -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/cj5-1972-1975.43831/

1976 - 1983 CJ5 had the windshield motor mounted on the inside of the windshield. The windshield was also tilted back more than earlier years. Front disk brakes were an option in 1976 and the next year they were standard.

Click here for more info on the 1976-1983 CJ5 -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/the-cj5-1976-1983.43565/



@BajaEdition 's 1970 CJ6

While the CJ6 was in production it was never very popular in the United States and most CJ6 ’s were shipped overseas. The CJ6 was basically a CJ5 with a 20 inch longer wheelbase. It can easily be identified by the extra space between the rear wheel and the door that is shaped like a CJ5 door.[/FONT] Produced in America from 1951 to 1975, the CJ7 replaced it in the line up in 1976 there were Renegade versions produced.

In 1972 the CJ6 recieved the same longer hood that the CJ5 acquired the same year.

Click here for more info on the CJ6 -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/the-cj-6.43476/


@DonEBeasley 's 1979 CJ7

The CJ7 had a longer wheelbase (93 inches) then the CJ5 . This meant the CJ7 no longer needed the oddly shaped door found on the CJ5 and earlier CJs. The CJ7 was produced from 1976 to 1986. It was often sold with a hard top and hard doors.

Renegade Golden Eagle , Loredo and Jamboree were among the recognized editions.
Click here for more info on the CJ7 -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/the-cj-7.43458/



@hole 's 1983 CJ8

The CJ8 was also know as the Scrambler. It was basically a CJ7 with a longer wheelbase produced from 981 to 1986. The Scrambler was sold with a half cab making it into a pickup.

Click here for more info on the CJ8 Scrambler -->> https://jeep-cj.com/community/threads/cj-8-scrambler.43466/

The CJ10 was a truck that was shipped to Australia and other overseas locations. It had rectangular head lights and a nine slot grill. There was also a shorter version called the CJ10a that was used as a tug for the US Air Force.

These trucks were built from 1981 to 1986.




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CJ Production Statistics

There are a couple things incorrect in the opening of this thread.
I have a M38. A Korean era Jeep. It is based off the CJ3a but has some 30 parts that are different from the civilian jeep. The M38 has a reinforced tail gate along with a 7 slot grill. A couple ways to tell a military Jeep are
1. The steering wheel is red not black.
2.The spare tire on a flat fender is mounted on the rear not the side like all the civilian flat fenders and early CJ5s.
Great thread to see some of the differences in the jeeps.



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