CJ tub on TJ

CJ tub on TJ

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Here's the deal, I have recently acquired a wrecked 97 TJ and aam looking for the best way to fix it. I still have a CJ7 project that i have been working on for the past few years which has a 94 YJ body that i converted back to CJ. How hard would it be to just take the body from the CJ and set it on the TJ. I already know a few body mounts will have to be moved again and the dash is different but other than that what would you guys expect? sitting the two of them next to each other it seems feasible but things like that often aren't as easy as they seem. I am just curious because to fix the TJ it will need a new side panel or alot of work beating it back straight and new fenders but the CJ tub has already had the rust and dents fixed and is in primer. As always any help would be appreciated and sorry for the long winded post
go for it, I have seen Cj bodies on TJ frames
Subscribed! I Like the idea, start a build thread and like Baja says, go for it!
So wait... you're going to have a CJ with a fuel injected 6, coil springs, ABS, disc brakes... and no rust? I'm liking this project. Subscribed!
I actually loaned a tub to a local member on another forum to do exactly the same thing.. He said it wasnt that hard. Maybe an afternoon of movind mounts for the tub. I remember him being amazed at how easy it was. I'll try to get some info from him and maybe some pics if you are interested.
info on the topic would be great. Like I said I'm just weighing my options right now and trying to figure out the best way to fix my projects. the TJ has the lousy 4 cyl which WILL get replaced by the 6 down the road but for now i just want it to look like it should again. I know the damage hasn't hurt the frame it is just very ugly right now, and I have a fresh CJ body on my other project just collecting dust at the moment. Will let everyone know what i decide and try to post up a few pics of what I've got here in a few days. Thanks for all the responses and interest guys

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