CJ4A leak in transfer case shaft

CJ4A leak in transfer case shaft


New Zealand
1978 Mahindra CJ4A.
Hi, don't know much about these but when topping up the transfer case I unscrewed what I thought was a bung and it was a large flat bolt holding a shaft that goes though the case from back to front. Sealant dropped out when I unscrewed it and now it leaks oil. I am a bit worried if I undo it again and the shaft moves out, gears might drop off inside. The front end of the shaft has a shaped end so it can't turn. I am hoping to unscrew the nud and put a fiber washer on it but if it shouldn't be undone I could wrap pipe tape around it.
Also because its though the casing I'm not sure how tight to do it up incase it cracks or warks the case.
I'm pretty sure it's a Dana Spicer Model 18 Transfer Case.
I'll try to attach a picture of the case and nut.
You should be able to put some ultra black oil resistant silicone on the bolt threads. The intermediate shaft is a fairly tight fit with o-rings on the shaft so it won't fall out on you. The bolt holds the shaft retainer in place.
CJ4a ? There was only one prototype CJ4 ever built, flat fender or rounded?

Anyway that is the keeper for the intermediate shaft that is full of bearings and gears so I'm glad you did'nt try to pull it out. you can take the keeper bolt out with no worry though.
I think the Mihindra CJ4A was the knock off of the Jeep CJ3b .
Thanks, That makes sence.
Thanks for the advice, I'll try the silicon.
Yes the Mahindra are made in India.
I have attached a picture.

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