cj5 bikini top,,,,,

cj5 bikini top,,,,,


'81 cj5
i have an 81 CJ5 with the rollbar extended to the front with the add on bars.the rollbars are higher than the windshield frame will a bestop for a CJ5 fit or would by chance a CJ7 be a better fit? newbie to the site
do you know the differences in the 2 tops?
do you own a tape measure to see how much is affected
can you give us these measurements?
it is 3-4 inches further to travel. the prob is in the pictures i see with CJ5's that have the original best top bikini the length that extends past the rollbar toward rear of jeep varies alot. some look like i will come up short some look like i will be fine. i figure they may stretch a bit and this is the reason for the different lengths. it looks like it may be easier for me just to buy one and return it if i have to....
A Bikini top is so yesterday Try going with a Safari top more protection
no more sun on the back of your neck.
you need a certain style roll cage for a safari top, most CJs have a roll bar, Bikinis are all they will take.
I have a 79 CJ5 with the stock roll bar. I put the new Bestop top on about 2 months ago.



My guess is that is long enough, but the seam that helps the top "fit" the bar may not align perfectly. They also stretch quite a bit. I had to tighten the straps during the freeway portion of my latest camping trip to avoid getting my head beaten in the wind.


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