CJ5 Floor Panels

CJ5 Floor Panels


South Carolina
1980 CJ5 304V8 (Fun), 2003 F150 Supercrew (Family)
I recently purchased this CJ5 project. We finished removing the tub yesterday. Overall it is in good shape. Can anybody recommend a place that carries floor panels for my 1980 CJ5? There is not a lot of rust but figured the replacement panels would be faster and easier if not then I will just plan on cutting and fabricating new ones.
Here are some pics of the floor. Overall rusting is not bad compared to some I have seen.
Ditto what the other guys said, I received mine from them and they look great and a good fit. I also ordered the floor supports and they are made extremely well also.
CJ's link is the shiznit, they do it in original gauge.

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