CJ5 Frame???

CJ5 Frame???


Manchester, PA
CJ 5 1970 V6, being rebuilt into a Roadster
Hello All,
I joined this forum because I am getting ready to rebuild a CJ5, I think!
I am looking for the VIN number on the frame to make sure my title matches the frame.
I looked above the right front spring shackle and above the axle tube on the right rear of the frame. No numbers!
The original tub was long gone when I bought this frame so no help from the body numbers.

My VIN on the title is 8305C173xxxxx.

Could the frame be a CJ3???
8305 is a prefix used on the CJ5 up to 1970
Can't help much past that.
Thanks Sasquach
I have heard that some frames do not have VIN numbers stamped on them!
Still Lookin.
My 74 didn't have a Vin we looked everywhere on the frame. Only one we could find was on the tub.
My problem is the Tub is long gone to the melting pot. I'm going to look into a new VIN plate and get it stamped and approved by a local garage and then get the title transferred to my name.
Jeep CJ Frames do not have VIn Numbers, they have sequential numbers
passenger side over the front rear spring perch, tells you nothing.
I assume that you are referring to your 70 CJ5? well if those motormounts are original then it is a CJ5, cj3s never had a v6 and then the original MMs would have been cut out and new MMS welded in.
about a 30 second check would verify it.

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