CJ5 Front Fenders

CJ5 Front Fenders


San Diego, CA
1985 CJ7
My 1980 CJ5 has rusty 2 piece fenders.

Looking for Opinions on if I should get my old ones fixed,
Or buy new one piece fenders?

Please let me know what you think!

If new ones where's the best place to buy them?

Thank you!!!
I got blue torch flat fenders for my 73 and I really like them. Had to weld them together though.

Not sure about factory replacements.
I have one piece fiberglass front fenders on my 73 CJ5, anyone know where these came from?
I suspect you are talking about factory replacements. 4WD.com or a comparable site should have them.
I think what he means by two piece is the metal overlay behind the wheels that always seam to rust. Both mine are doing it and I would rather find good factory ones then by aftermarket that are most likley made in China out of cheap metal and don't fit right and wont last very long.
Yup, when I bought my 73 it was a rust bucket and the front fenders had kind of rusted into two pieces along a seam.
I put Shell Valley kevlar fenders on my 73. They don't rust anymore! Shell Valley has a website.

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