cj5 options?

cj5 options?


2006 f350, 1979 cj5
been doing a lot of thinking on this project. would i be crazy to find a set of 60's and have them fitted under a CJ5? is this too much over kill? too much weight for a 258 motor? am i getting into a whole new realm of upgrading everthing to have bigger axles?
thats a slick rig. but am i wasting my time building up a really short wheel based rig unlike the CJ8? kinda like putting an elevator in an outhouse.
I wouldn't worry too much about the wheel base on your CJ5. Alot of people love CJ5's and I have seen alot of them with narrowed and full width 60s. And if you do the one tons under it you'll be ahead of the game when the v8 swap comes into play.
I think you need to decide where you are going to end up with the build.
A lot of people get caught up in the "build it as big as you can". If you never plan on going over 35" tires, and are not going to do any hard core rock crawling than 60's are going to be overkill, and big buck$$ for nothing.
Ask yourself where am I going with this build and be honest with yourself.

But money spent on a good axle is better than money spent on a bad axle.:D

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