CJ5 with 304 Exhaust ?

CJ5 with 304 Exhaust ?


SW Michigan
1977 CJ5 304 V8 3 speed Trans Fiberglass front end,
My 77 CJ5 has a AMC 304 , with a 3 speed manual, it currently has Headers and Header Mufflers I would like to go back to Manifolds, and possible Dual exhaust but I don't see any way of putting 2 mufflers under the jeep very easy, if it's not possible then I would go with a single system just don't want to spend $300 for a new cross over pipe

Anyone have any suggestions ?
I dueled out my AMC 304 using 24" glass packs and 2" pipe. Its kinda loud however.

It is a tight fit on the passenger side of the gas tank. :D
I would also like to hear any replies. I'm about to replace my exhaust in my '77 CJ5 and was thinking headers, but now I'm second guessing.
this is exactly where im at. im going to do the same thing. i need to figure this out too. my gas tank is not centered in the frame. is this common? can i just move it to the center of the frame?
Jamie, yes the gas tank is off to the right hand side. That is the way they were built. My 81 is the same as your 76 and I was able to run a two inch exhaust pipe down both sides without moving the tank. It is a tight fit, but a 2" pipe will work with out rubbing on anything.
the tank on a 7 is also offset, but as stated above there is room for the pipe, just not much. I stoped mine just short of the shackle as my shackle bolt was hitting the pipe. I'm running 2.250" pipe though.
It's also a tigh fit between the t/c and the frame on that side. (at least with the 300)
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I might be interested in your headers if you decide to part with them...

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