CJ5 Wont Fire

CJ5 Wont Fire

Capt Tyler

Hilton head
Went out tonight to start the cj and it wouldn't fire.... Popped the hood and saw oil all over the underside, looked down and noticed the ignition coil post had come off. fb8eb204.jpg

Went to advanced and bought a new accel ignition coil came back and hooked it up the same way as the old one. Tried to crank, still nothing...

Where should i look next?

Need Some Help!!
The oil thing has me bugged. Did the distributor come loose allowing oil to squirt out? That could explain the no start. The other question is do you have spark?
Is it an points system? If so sounds like the key was left on for a long time and fried the coil and points. The oil could have come from inside the coil.
Is it an points system? If so sounds like the key was left on for a long time and fried the coil and points. The oil could have come from inside the coil.

:agree: Take the cap off the distributor, and inspect the points. Clean them up. Check all the connections (other ends) to the coil. etc.

Obviously different in most ways, but had a boat coil burn (seriously catch fire) on boat while up at the bar drinking... Felt stupid when noticed smoke from my barstool, and realized our boat... that was an interesting trip... :eek: Same exact reason as above, key was left on with points touching...

When you say wont fire, is it cranking, but no fire?

After you've checked, cleaned and reset points (if points) make sure you have spark. If not we'll start there next.

Also please fill out your profile for us... It will help to get you better answers quicker too. :cool:

~ JR
That is exactly what happened, left the key on.

Sorry for the ignorance but took the distributer cap off and dont know what to do now... :cool:

I have power to the coil and it has been replaced.

Cranking but no fire and no spark, just checked for spark.
Get some fine sand paper, like 400 grit and sand the inside of the points where they contact each other. Sand them very good on both sides and then clean them where you sanded them with the backside of the sand paper to remove all the dust. After they are clean you can turn the key on and open and close them with a screwdriver and you should see them spark at the contacts every time they open and close. Make sure not to pry them closed, bump the key untill they are naturally closed before doing any of the above. Once you get it sparking with the screwdriver it should start. You will need to set the gap and dwell before you drive it much.

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