CJ7 & CJ8 factory steel doors

CJ7 & CJ8 factory steel doors

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From 1976 to early production 1981 both CJ7's and CJ8's that came from AMC with a factory hard top and doors came with a rotary style door. These doors are unique in that they have a rotary style door handle on the outside and no latch mechanism on the tub. These doors simply "slap" closed over the tub and use a plate to protect the tub.



Some things to notice about these doors, the unique rotary handle on the outside of the door and the equally unique latch mechanism on the inside of the door. Also, the vent windows for these doors are stationary.

Another item to take note of, on the inside door picture, the yellow circle. This is a common stress crack for this style door. Most doors that I have found of this style have this crack in the sheetmetal. It is my understanding that this stess crack occurs because there is no latch mechanism on the door to support the weight opposite of the door hinges.

One more item for consideration. If you are refurbishing a set of this style of doors, to my knowledge there is no manufacturer currently producing replacement gaskets for the stationary vent windows. Several companies claim that their gaskets are the correct style, I have purchased these gaskets and can tell you positively they are NOT the correct style.


This is the strike plate as it is for the rotary style doors. Notice that this is not a latch or hasp in any form. This is simply a strike plate to protect the relatively thin rolled sheetmetal of the tub from the impact of the door "slapping" closed over the tub. These plates are not known to be reproduced by any vendor.

This is the paddle style door. Used on CJ7's, CJ8's and YJ jeeps from late production 1981 until 1995. The only distinction between the CJ7/CJ8 paddle style doors and the YJ doors is the YJ doors have the mirrors mounted to the doors, the CJ versions did not.



This style door uses a post type striker. These strikers are welded to the tub and the posts stick out through a hole in the door opening in the tub.


This style door can be retrofitted to the 1976 to 1981 CJ7's and CJ8's with the purchase of aftermarket post strikers available from any one of many aftermarket Jeep vendors.

What about half doors? Well, first things first, no CJ Jeep ever came from AMC with half doors, this also true for the first year (1987) YJ's. Half doors were first available in 1988. Any 1988-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ factory half door will fit your CJ7 or CJ8. As long as you have the correct post style door latches.

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