Build Thread cj7 valve cover gasket.

Build Thread cj7 valve cover gasket.


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CJ7 valve cover gasket. I have a choice between the normal not to expensive cork gasket. Or the expensive new synthetic carbon whatever fancy material gasket for the valve covers. I just want to know, has anyone noticed a significant difference?
well i put on a cork, till mine caught on fire b/c the valve cover had the slightest crack in the top, so i replaced it with a rubber one
I just had the head done on my 4.2 258 and put on a cork gasket. As luck would have it, it's leaking after only a week! It was probably operator error, but i wish i had spent the $ and got the better rubber gasket.:eek:
Spend the extra $$$ and get a good Fel-Pro gasket, it'll always save you money and heartache in the long run.

my 2¢
The cork has a tendency to squish and then dry out and in the process you have a leak :mad:

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